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why should we all be concerned about what's happening there? >> the european banks hold a lot of the bonds that are in trouble in places like -- that we've been hearing about over and over. greece, ireland, portugal, now italy and spain, only even france. if there are problems with those bonds and the worst problem would be that some of those governments have to default and they cake make the payments on those bonds, that's going to hit the banking sector in europe. these days, it's almost impossible to sort of fence off part of the world and say, well, we're going to create some policies or something so that we're not affected by any of that. i mean, you know, we're all integrated. this is globalization. if there are problems in the european banking sector, we are almost certainly going to have problems here. >> so the ripple effect would start there and then go where? >> it would go everywhere. it would not be as severe, most likely here as the financial crisis in 2008. now, that was most likely a lot worse than anything we would be likely to see from what might emanate out of europe. but it's still a concern. craig, the problem right now is the economy is just very weak
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and it can't absorb shocks any more. we've been through a series of shocks this year, high oil prices, the fiasco with the debt ceiling over the summer. the economy can't with stand this any more. it doesn't have to be a big shock to create waves here. >> what trouble signs should we be on the lookout here for the next coming days and weeks, as well. >> we're going to keep seeing this mania in the markets. europe is the biggest problem and that is difficult to solve. americans may be surprised to know this, but political problems in europe make the u.s. government look extremely functional. and the reason is that we've got basically 17 different nations with different governments, different finance ministers and very different needs. some are poor countries, some are rich countries and it's extremely hard to craft a solution. there is no solution yet on the table. >> let's talk about the average mernl with investments, 401(k),
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simple mutual funds, what should people who hold those things, what should they be doing with their money? >> it's impossible and followish to say the market is either going to go up or down. i think people should first of all not panic. never read too much about what happens in the markets in a given day. there are some decent things happening beneath all this mayhem. but if you're trading and getting in and out on a daily basis, you're vulnerable. the u.s. economy is healing, despite all this mayhem we're seeing. there are some things getting better. there's a good likelihood that more pain is behind us than ahead of us. and if the markets see a reason for optimism at some point, we could see a nice rebound. i don't think that's coming anytime soon, but it could happen. >> rick newman, thanks. appreciate it. have a good weekend. >> thanks. while the nation watches the markets, president obama has stepped away from the daily grind to spend ten days with his family on martha's vineyard. the white house contends
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americans won't be grudge his time with his family. but still, many folks are questioning, is this the right time or the right place for the president? chris, first of all, congratulations on martha's vineyard assignment there. >> thank you. what a great trip. >> any word from the white house so far this morning on the markets? >> no, craig. the white house doesn't typically comment on the markets. they say president obama will be in close contact with his economic advisers. one economic adviser arrives next week on martha's vineyard. they say he's going to be in close contact with his national security advisers, john brennen is here. he will brief the president this morning. so white house officials make the point that even though the president is traveling on vacation, the office of the presidency pretty much travels with mr. obama wherever he goes. they also say d.c. is close, so if need be, he can bet back
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quickly, craig. >> presidents are frequently facing criticism when they take vacations, especially when they're in times of economic crisis or times of other natural disasters. this president has taken his fair share of hits over the past few days. what about some of the other presidents, how about this president's number of vacation days compared to his predecessors? >> president obama has actually taken fewer vacation days. he's taken about 61 vacation days at this point in his presidency. george w. bush at this point in his presidency had taken 180 vacation days. ron old reagan had taken 112. clinton, fewer, actually. he's in the 20s. but the point is, presidents have long been criticized for taking vacations. by the way, we should cite mark noller of cbs news for those statistics. i spoke with one presidential historian who makes the point appearances are important so
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it's going to be important for this white house to show the american public there is a working vacation. >> we'll talk more about that in a few moments. kristin welker, thanks. hundreds lined up yesterday in atlanta for a jobs fair. the congressional black calk cuss held that jobs fair. among those who showed up to the fair was the brother of tea party backed congressman allen west who attacked those same black leaders in congress earlier this week, calling them, quote, plantation bosses and saying that blacks need to, quote, take the underground railroad straight out of the democratic party. but congressman west was all too happy to send his unemployed brother to that same job fair to find a job. here is congressman maxine waters talking about how arlen
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west sought her out. >> he has a brother that's out of work. well, his brother came up to me, introduced himself and told me that he had lost his job. he had been laid off. and i asked him if he had called his brother and he said he said. and i said, what did he say? he said he told me to come to the job fair. he told me to come and see you. and so we're hopeful that we can help his brother. >> karen hunter is an msnbc contributor. rocketer trainem, a contributor, as well. here is what arlem west had to say yesterday. take a listen. >> the responsibility of our elected officials is to serve their constituents in any capacity that they can. and this was a prime example of them doing that. congressman maxine waters and other mens members of the congressional black caucus saw
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that need and they sponsored that event. >> karen, what does this do to black conservatives like allen west who argue that government should help these types of people less? >> well, it exposes them, of course. harriet tubman this morning is probably rolling over in her grave. i wouldn't follow allen west to the super market let alone to, where, the tea party? the problem he faces not just in republicans or conservatives is there are a lot of people pape posturing to making political hay as opposed to doing thing for the american people. it's not a partisan issue. this is about doing things to help americans get back on their feet. i don't really care whether it's the republican party or the democratic party that's doing it. we just want some solutions. >> robert, congressman west did respond. i want to put up his response here. he said, quote, clearly, with my own brother out of work, the struggling economy is very personal to me. i'm encouraged by any job conference when helps
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individuals find a job. however, the underlying problem remains. the economic policies of president obama have not set the conditions for job growth, especially in the black community. here is the thing. i get criticizing the president over job creation, but how could allen west think that using that kind of language earlier this week to talk about black democrats, how could he think that using that type of language would be remotely acceptable? >> i don't know. and first and foremost, i'm certainly not his spokes person, so i'm not in his head. look, i'm of the school of belief that when you are a public officials, your words have weight and they have meaning and they have significance behind them. so clearly if i was him, i would not use that language. it's serm not appropriate. in the black community, we have unemployment sometimes at 16, 17, 18, sometimes at 20%. what we have to do is come together, roll up our sleeves and figure out what's in the best interest not just of
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african-americans, but of all americans. as i said before, that language is not appropriate, but you know, i'll remind everyone that harry belafonti said something similar about collin powell and condoleezza rice. he called them plantation individuals because they were quote/unquote on the plantation with george w. bush. that was not appropriate then and it's not appropriate for allen west to make those comments now. >> but allen west -- >> let me finish. can i please finish? >> sure. >> go ahead. >> so my point in all of this is that we have to tone down the rhetoric and we have to make sure that it's okay for african-americans to think independent. it's okay for african-americans to think outside the box, but it's never okay for any public officials to call anyone or anything plantation owners. >> karen, what were you about to say? >> i was just say that he's speaking to his constituents. s knows his base and he's speaking directly to them. >> you think it was code? >> you know it's code. >> well, hold on. this is ridiculous. this is a member of cob who
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obviously represents some constituents in florida, but he's -- >> you're not defending what he said, though. >> but he's a federal official that obviously speaks on behalf of all members of congress. so regardless of whether he's speaking to his constituents or not, it's irrelevant. he said it and it was wrong. >> okay. at least we all agree on that. for a second, i thought you were defending what allen west said. karen, robert, thank you very much. always appreciate what you have to say. have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> have a great weekend? as soon as the next few days, we could see libyan leader moammar gadhafi leave libya. reports indicate that gadhafi could be headed for tunisia where he would be headed for exile. jim now joins us from washington. >> there are intriguing reports today out of tripoli that there's an awful lot of secret convoy activity and several foreign planes that are not used to being there on the tarmac. that doesn't mean that ga gaffy is leaving. other think perhaps members of his family have already left.
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but i can tell you that u.s. intelligence has increasing reports that moammar gadhafi is, in fact, making preparations to flee libya with his entire family. now, additional reports indicate that he may at least originally go to tunisia, not clear what his final destination is. the russians are saying he may end up in vbz and the russians have a far better pipeline into tripoli and is gadhafi than the u.s. does. so at this point, who knows. but gadhafi is an unpredictable character. people have been predicting his demise tore years. it may be that as the ring of rebels continues to contrickett and close in on tripoli, he's been a survivor all his life, all his regime, and he may have finally decided that the only way to survive is to leave libya, craig.
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>> jim, thanks. >> you bet. other hot spots in the middle east, in ear gentleman, protesters continue their calls for their leader to step aside. there are reports of gunfire in syria's capital of damascus, even after president assad's promise to the world that he has ended his crackdown on the five-months of uprising there. civilian troops have killed more than 1800 civilians since march. in pakistan, at least 30 people were killed inside the main haul of a mosque. dozens more were seriously wounded. in afghanistan, twin suicide attacks on a british compound in kabul, killing at least ten and sparking a six-hour gun battle between insurgents and security forces there. today marks afghanistan's independence from britain back in 1919. is the jobs plan doomed even before it's announced?
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president obama on his vacation in martha's vineyard. a new photo just released showing his receiving national security briefing there. while away, he will be putting the finishing touches on his economic plan set to be unveiled in september. some on the left are saying that the plan is too small to have any real impact o weakening economy. jared bernstein is an msnbc and a cnbc contributor. and former chief economist to vice president biden. jared, thanks so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> we're heard bits and pieces
11:17 am
of the president's plan, extending the unemployment benefits, ratifying. here is speaker john boehner's reaction on twitter to the plan as we understand it to be so far. take a look here. white house promises fresh new jobs proposals then pushes more failed stimulus. jared, is this plan doomed from the start? >> i don't think so. although that really isn't what you want to hear. basically, the speaker, speaker boehner released an attack on a plan of a speech that hasn't yet been written. so he's getting way ahead of himself. look, the president cannot form his jobs agenda based on what john boehner is going to like or eric cantor is going to say. sure, mr. president, it's fine. he has to craft a plan that will help this economy get back on track and it can't have anything to do with debt ceilings and budget baselines and debt to gdp ratios. it has to do with jobs, paychecks, incomes, and he and his team are fully capable of
11:18 am
crafting such a plan. >> but it's not just folks on the right. folks on the left, too, saying that the plan doesn't go nearly far enough. >> there is no plan yet. certainly if all you're talking about is extending the payroll tax holiday and unemployment insurance and patent reform and trade agreement, i totally agree. i don't believe that is what we're talking about. >> what more do you think we'll see in this plan? >> well, the president has talked about infrastructure. now, that's a big topic. but investment in public works could actually be very effective and historically in normal times, which politically these aren't, in normal times republicans have signed on to such things. a number of us have been floes floating an idea called fix america's schools today. and this is an infrastructure program that could be up and running quickly. it employed a lot of people, not a lot of machines, this could have a lot of construction folks
11:19 am
back to work repairing and modernizing and generating energy savings at the nation's stock of about 100,000 public schools. like the president himself said, there's no dearth of good ideas. >> will the president be able to sell plans like that, plans that will require a large amount of spending up front? will he be able to sell a plan like that to house republicans? let me know able to sell that plan to lots of folks around the country? >> frankly, no on the first part and probably yes on the second part. my understanding -- and we'll be able to -- you can test this hypothesis i'm about to offer because this should show up in the poll numbers in weeks to come. i'm confident he can sell this plan to people around the country. i'm pretty confident, unfortunately, as for the first part of your plan that congress, house republicans in particular will try to block him. if that's the case, he needs not only to explain his plan to america, but he has to explain who is standing between you, the american people, and your economic opportunities, your jobs, your paychecks, and he has
11:20 am
to explain to the american public who is blocking this jobs agenda. >> jooird bernstein, thank you. >> my pleasure. summertime swimmers who have sharks to fear in some places, do they now have to worry about brain eating amoebas? we have a live report on that, next. woman: day care can be expensive.
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we have three recent deaths from brain eating amoebas have some patience worried you can take a deep breath. the problem is very, very rare. when these amine bas do strike the nervous system, it's usually fatal. tom costello is live from washington to on tell us what people can do. tom, it's late summer. lots of folks out there in lakes and bondponds. what do we need to know? >> this is very, very rare. hundreds of thousands, millions op of people are in the country's lakes and ponds. still water, warm water, especially in the south, and these are areas where these
11:24 am
amoebas live. they live all the time there. they are almost in every single lake and pond that have still water. they live in the sediment. the sediment gets stirred up. very rarely, and reemphasize very rarely, these amoebas can enter through the nose and then enter up into the brain and they can be fatal. they literally can devour the brain tissue and create ameek ba receive li amoeba cephalitis. millions of people are exposed to these amoebas and so few, a handful, two, three, four, five a year ever come down with this type of condition. but it can be fatal. now, there was a case already in florida where a 16-year-old girl died. another one in virginia where a 9-year-old boy died. there was a case in louisiana, this one is a bit strange. a man in his early 20s was in louisiana and he was flushing his sinuses out using tap water
11:25 am
and he got an amoeba that went into the brain and it killed him. however, this is not tap water from the public water source. it was from some sort of an in-house water system. we don't know if it was a well or what. there were amoebas there and he was susceptible. every expert i talked to about this said this is absolutely not a panic situation. kids should enjoy the ponds, should enjoy lakes and rivers and what have you in the summer. but for some strange reason, a very few number every year will unfortunately be exposed to this and there is no cure. >> all right. tom costello from washington for us on this friday morning, tom, thank you. >> all right. thousands clamoring to get a job. clamoring to get into a job fair. hot enough out there, looking for work, but what if you come across a company that's refusing to hire people who do not already have a job? we've got some advice on how to handle that. aflac! oh, i've just got major medical... major medical. ...but it helps pay the doctors. pays the doctors, boyyy!
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gains and losses. dow down right now 49 points under the 11,000 mark. investors hoping that wall street can hold off more of the global sell-off that we saw yesterday. here are some of the other headlines we are following in the news right now. a heavy police presence greeting students, parents and teachers at whiteland high school this morning. a female sophomore was taken into custody over a threat made against her central indiana high school. the student texted a threat involving the school, which was then shared with law enforcement. right now, though, authorities will not talk about the exact nature of the threat, but this is the second threat on a school this week. wednesday, police in florida stopped 17-year-old jared cano from carrying out what might have been a catastrophic bombing of his high school in tampa. two people have been arrested to for allegedly attacking sarah palin, her family and her attorneys. prosecutors say the harassment
11:30 am
went beyond creepy to threatening. earlier this year, the former alaska governor took out a restraining order against the pennsylvania teenager. and investigators say they have new credible leads in the search for a missing mother, gone since 2009. 28-year-old susan powell's husband was the last to see her in her utah home. josh powell told investigators he took his two sons camping during the middle of a snowstorm. josh was named a person of interest in susan's disappearance, but was never charged in the case. today, detectives are in a small nevada city. they will not elaborate on why they're searching there. they will ohm say they have a credible lead. new details are emerging over the american woman missing in aruba. robyn gardener's travel partner allegedly told police that he got separated from her while snorkeling in rough water and had to work to save his own
11:31 am
life. giardino took out a travel insurance policy. he reportedly tried to cash in on that policy two days after she was reported missing. as we continue to watch the up and down markets this morning, take a look at these incredible pictures. these are the pictures of long lines of folks in atlanta lined up, hoping for jobs at the congressional black caucus's job fair yesterday. about 1,500 -- hundreds were there, 15 required medical attention because of the heat. another suffered chest pains. and the size of that crowd, estimated somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000. >> i just want to get a job where i can support my family and help some of my family members out. >> i'm a single mother trying to support me and my son. it's very hard fining a job. >> but now more than ever, companies are refusing to hire people who are not already employed or freshly laid off. i talked with nbc "today" show
11:32 am
financial editor jean katsqy about this hiring practice. she says there are some ways around it. let's start with motivation here. why would employers do this? >> what we're hearing -- and it's not always applicable -- is that employers feel that people who were first asked to leave, first out the door may have been the less valuable employees. also i think there's a fear that if it's a technical industry your skills may have lapsed. again, both may not be true in every case, but that's what the employers in some cases are saying. >> we've got 14 million americans officially unemployment now. more than 6 million of those have been jobless for longer than six months. on its face, this sounds like it would be discriminatory. is it? >> no. unfortunately, not. at least not yet. discrimination has to basically apply to something about you that you can't change. so your age, your gender, your
11:33 am
race, if you have a disability. unemployment is spongeble. it is something that can change over time so it doesn't pass that test. but in new jersey, they have outlawed employment ads that say rough to be currently employed. new york and michigan are looking at doing the same thing. in both houses of congress in july democrats introduced bills that would do it on a federal level. >> and you say that people who are out there in this competitive job fooelts field, there are certain things they can do to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. let's go through the list. >> sure. the first thing you want to have is something current on your resume. if you can't find somebody to pay you to do it, then you want to do it on a pro bono basis which gets you in the door, which may give you the opportunity to get work should that company have it. but it gives you something to put at the top of that resume. and then you take the word
11:34 am
"employment" off the resume and you substitute professional experience and you put whatever you're doing right now at the top of the list because it's current even though it's knot nonpaying. >> what else can job hunters do? >> you've got to use the internet to connect with people. not just as a way to send out your resume, but go on linkedin and make sure that your profile syncs with your resume. then use that site to search for people with whom you have a personal connection. were you born in the same hometown? did you go to the same school? do you go to the same church? same fraternity, same sorority? the key is, you want to make that personal connection because you can use it to get in the door and you can't just be a piece of paper at this point. >> and you also mentioned that making sure your credit history is something to be proud of. that has to be tough for folks
11:35 am
that have been unemployed for an extended period of time. >> we have to acknowledge that it is tough. even if you can only make those minimum payments, it's important that you make the minimum payments on time. if you think you're going to be late or delinquent, call yoi your creditor before it happens. explain what's going on, wave the white flag and see if they'll give you a break before they report it to the credit bureaus. some will give you a little bit of time. >> jean, always useful information. thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. the rick perry campaign express is rocketing through early primary states showing up this morning in south carolina for his laemt latest attempt to win voters and try to stick to his jobs message. but a week after perry shot to the top of the republican heat, this cowboy talk has some of the gop faithful sitting zooek squeamish. cnbc's political reporter jonathan martin joins me now. first of all, let's take a look and a listen to some of the rick perry highlights. >> the president said i needed
11:36 am
to watch what i say. mr. president, actions speak louder than words. i don't know what you all will do to him in iowa, but we -- we would treat him pretty ugly down in texas. it's a theory that is out there and in texas, we teach both creationism and evolution in our public schools. >> now, a lot of people, including the president of the united states himself, they've given him a pass. they say it's early. but is this going to be a dominant theme with the perry campaign, blunder after blunder? >> well, i think he is, craig, going through the crucible of a white house campaign. even running in a big state like texas can't prepare you for the scrutiny that you tell undergo when you're running for the top job. so i think he's learned the hard way this week that he has to be more careful about what he says off-the-cuff and you can't mistake some of these, you know,
11:37 am
texas-like remarks about how you treat the fed chairman. it just doesn't go over well with a national audience. and, you know, our story today, we talked to some folks in his own party, in the house. these are suburban members of congress who have to be on the ballot next year and facing potentially tough re-elections, craig. they say he has to cut down on the cowboy talk. >> rick perry has been out there, he's been questioning the president's love of country among other things. that's kind of ironic for someone who in the past advocated a state secession from the country, don't you think? >> he was asked about if president obama loves the country. instead of say yes or no, he dodged it and said, you have to ask him which raises eyebrows and keeps the question out there. he's got to learn how to sort of deflect these questions in a way that is not going to get him in political trouble. it is so different than running a statewide campaign because everything you say, when caught on camera is magnified.
11:38 am
and i think he is sort of undergoing this test right now. it's going to be real interesting, craig, to see where he is after a couple of debates about a month from now, a couple of debates after he's undergone more scrutiny to see if he's still standing where he is now on the polls. this is really a test for hm. >> jon huntsman is finally showing some fight on the campaign in response toer theory's comments. hunts huntsman tweeting, to be clear, i believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. call me crazy. huntsman is just a blim on the 2012 radar screen. do you think we start to see some of the other republican candidates join in and start openly criticizing rick perry? >> well, i think huntsman has every reason to weigh in here, obviously. he wants to get in the conversation. so he is smartly trying to do so. i don't think you'll see romney
11:39 am
engage. romney wants to stay out of the fray. if perry is going to keep tepg. >> this, i think romney is happy to have him doing that. at some point, that's not going to be feasible. for now, i think romney is going to sort of stay out of it and keep his effective on president obama. >> jonathan martin with poe litco, thank you. >> thanks, craig. we're less than three weeks away from the nbc news/politico debate. at the reagan library, brian williams will moderate right here on m msnbc. when barack obama became the 44th president of the united states, many said it ushered in a post racial era, but a new book by a harvard professor named dr. rannal kennedy takes a closer look at how far black americans have advanced since inauguration day. dr. perry wrote, "the persistence of the color line" dr. kennedy joining mess on this
11:40 am
friday morning, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> before we dive into the book, i want to get your take on some racial politics right now. allen west of florida, i'm sure you've heard about what he said about black leader necessary congress being plantation bosses. senator tom coburn sang president obama supports -- >> this is part of a race tinged reaction to president obama. we shouldn't be surprised. we've seen this in other eras of american history. and it is an example of the way in which the color line persists. >> and that's a great segue here because in this new book that you wrote, you read pop culture references in with classic poetry and you tell a story about race in this country, ad., as you call it, after ba ram. and it seems to be summed up
11:41 am
with this excerpt. i want to put it on the screen. you write that the 2008 post election racial euphoria stemmed from an array of sources, including denial of the breadth, depth and subtly of racial divisions in american life. it should have been understood from the outset that something as thoroughly ingrained as american racial prejudice would not suddenly dissipate. you were talking about the election there. has an obama presidency had a dramatic effect on racial presence in this country? >> sure it has. even though the color line persists, it should be insurance that the ascendency of barack obama to the white house was a great moment and an important moment and a signal moment in american history. it was -- it mirrored a tremendous change in american racial attitudes. notwithstanding that, we still confront our racial prejudices in every aspect of american
11:42 am
life. >> has the president himself changed, though? has the presidency of barack obama changed the type of prejudice? >> sure, it has. >> in what ways? >> his ascendancesy has continued to -- the process of marginalizing over prejudice so that now prejudice has to camouflage itself. it camouflages itself in all sorts of ways. you cannot be racially prejudice and be viewed as respectable. and his ascend i can't answerantsy, his help in the marginalization of overprejudice. that's a good thing. >> in the book, you tack about prominent blacks who were skeptical of the campaign itself, some of those same folks we're hearing from over the past few weeks, they have been more skeptic yalgal of his leadership. what do you make of their motivation? specifically folks like dr. west and tavis smily, as well? >> i think people should be viewed generously on this.
11:43 am
they disagree with the president and they have every right to disagree with the president and they -- and some of their criticisms of the president are well taken. i view it differently, however, ultimately. i think that president obama has had a very difficult hand dealt to him that he has dealt with the situation, dealt to him in a very respectable responsible way. he has tried to push the united states in a progressive direction as much as he could, but of course, there are other forces in america that put limits on what the president is do. and that should be understood. >> dr. rappedal kennedy, it is a fascinating read. appreciate you being here. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. and it's a political powder keg. a new white house policy that focuses on deporting illegal immigrants due to their criminal record. what will it do for hundreds of
11:44 am
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new arrests this morning in the british phone hacking scandal. now, a 56-year-old has been arrested for leaking information regarding that scandal. rupert murdoch's news corporation was in the spotlight, as well. there were reports this morning that ruiner murdoch's son, the allegations may force him outside of the company. so far this year, more than 240,000 people have been deported from the united states. last year, that number was nearly 400,000. in both years, about half of those deported were people without a criminal record. now, the government says it will focus on deporting illegal immigrants who are criminals or who pose a threat to national security. jose diaz billard is the anchor
11:48 am
of our sister program, telemundos. mr. obama has provided over more deportations than any president. jose, at this point, why change course now? is this purely pandering? what's the reasoning here? >> good morning, craig. good to see you, buddy. look, there are few things that this is due to. clearly, the president sees the his hispanic that has been -- the voices in the his hispanic have been growing in the past year for mr. obama to do something that would alleviate some of the suffering taking place in part to the his hispanic. he's clearly remembering that he got 67% of the his panic vote the last time around and he needs a good chunk of that vote for his re-election possibility. >> so it sounds like you think that -- >> but look -- >> it sounds like you think the president is cave to go political pressure. >> my saying is that in politics, everything is
11:49 am
important and when you're running for re-election, everything matters. yes. but let me tell you something, regardless of why this is being done, this is a huge issue for up to 300,000 people in the united states right now. and it's not just the his hispanic that's involved. you know, there are people that have overstayed their visa from all over the world in this country. and they could be benefited by this change the administration announced yesterday. >> texas republican congressman michael mccaul had this to say about the administration's decision. he said, quote, the fact that we have a backlog and prioritize deportations is nothing new. this policy goes a step further granting ill immigrants a fast track to gaining a work permit where they will now unfairly compete with more than 9% of americans who are still looking for jobs. will this new policy lead to more jobs for illegals at the expense of jobs for americans? >> look, the fact of the matter is that it's being studied on a case by case issue. the issue of these 300,000
11:50 am
backlogged cases of desportation, all this committee is going to do in the future is analyze case by case what by case which each individual person is facing. and, in many cases, if you do not have a criminal background, and you have roots many the united states, that person will be authorized to get a work permit. the question is -- >> what about those who say that the president is obligated to enforce the law. what about folks that make that argument? >> well, look, that's a great point. but the fact is that the president is not directing his administration not to respect the laws. what he's saying is that in effect because it's such a backlog of 300,000 cases that's a mess, you don't have to be for or against immigration reform to be very clear that it's a mess
11:51 am
out there. what he's saying is let's put aside the ones that haven't committed crimes and target those that are criminals. i think we can all brie is a good thing. >> thank you very much. that's going to have the be the last word. i'm sure we will be revisiting this soon. good to see you. aerosmith wants their bus back? do that mean the same tour bus that was used by the bush administration? the flip side when we return. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis...
11:52 am
could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira.
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11:54 am
a chinese american good will baseball game between the hoyas and a local team in china turned into an allout brawl. if there was a cultural misunderstanding or bad play something sparked this bench clearing damage. the incident got out of control that the hoyas for forced to leave the court. they have since made up with players from the chinese team
11:55 am
going to the beijing airport to reconcile and see them off. now to the flip side, our look behind the headlines. president obama's critics are outraged that he's taking a advantage while the stock market takes a wild ride. massachusetts republican party wrote the party an especially snarky letter that welcomes him to the state for his martha's vineyard get away. addressing mr. obama, dear prez-o. remember the monster bus that you used in the midwest this week. the bay state gop had some words about that too. aerosmith wants their tour bus back. as rachel maddow pointed out, it was the bush administration that borrowed the rock band's wheels. a group of three cabinet secretaries using aerosmith's luxury coach in 2003 for a midwest bus tour to sell george w. bush's economic policies. sound familiar. ♪
11:56 am
a little arrow smith for your friday morning. that bus had black leather sofas, a flashy mirrored ceiling as well. sounds like your tour bus. >> my tour bus is very nonexistent. that's what my tour bus is. do you ever text many the wrong places? >> all the time. >> church? >> never church. >> i saw somebody take a phone call in church last easter. now there's a pastor who says if you can't beat them join them, now texting in church is becoming the thing to do. moving on. we're watching a court in alaska this hour where it looks as though the mom who hot sauced her child and put him on drfl phil herself could face some discipline. should she face jail time for what she did. then a tweet from 2012 president jon huntsman that
11:57 am
rocks the world, the republican world as at least. he believes in science. that's a new one. we'll be right back. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
11:58 am
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